How to create a luxury client service experience to ensure sales growth by seamlessly narrowing the gap between in-store and online.

Advice and training on client service tone of voice for luxury retailers who want long-lasting and profitable relationships with customers.

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The problem we solve

Retail high-street sales are in decline and by 2025 Millennials and Generation Z will represent more than 40 per cent of the overall luxury goods market*. Using multiple channels, how do you communicate a prestige service that is polite and formal on the one hand but relaxed and informal on the other?

Traditionally, luxury brands have positioned their service on exclusivity and impeccable service. There is a distance between the assistant and the client which produces a formal or clichéd tone of voice.

The modern way is professional informality. A style of communication that takes into account the impact of digital communication as well as the emotional and personal expectations of the millennial customer.

How it works?

It’s best to start with a phone call.

Schedule a TOV call today, so that we can discuss the areas of client service you want to improve.

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If you care about what clients say about you, having excellent client service is the best marketing there is.

Joe Pélissier

Pélissier Communications


Brand Discovery

You educate us about your brand in terms of your products, what you stand for and your tone of voice. You allow us to become familiar with your existing client service TOV, the systems you use and the capabilities of your team. We agree on the channels that need help and how we will measure success.


Design TOV Guidelines

We design TOV guidelines that are specific about the approach and tone of voice that advisors should use. These are congruent with how customers perceive your brand.


Deliver TOV Training

Your team is trained in how to deliver the improved tone of voice. The training focuses on applying the TOV for the channel(s) we have agreed to work on in Step 1. It’s interactive, enjoyable and measurable.


Supply Support Tools

To maintain quality levels, we create a series of tools to sustain the approach. Any templates or saved responses are brought into line with the agreed tone of voice.


Measure and Mentor

Together we measure the results. We remotely mentor team members and based on your satisfaction consider how to roll-out the improved TOV to other channels.

Who it’s for?

Client Service Directors

…who want to narrow the gap between in-store and online and have their achievement recognised by the industry and the board.

Client Service Teams

…who need direction and training in how to communicate in a way that is congruent with the brand and the expectations of the customer.

Marketing & Brand Managers

…who seek successful brand engagement by crafting a TOV that resonates with clients across multiple touch points.

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It’s designed to help you:

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  • Recognise where there may be TOV gaps and opportunities
  • Consider the business benefits of investing in a better TOV.
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