The Gucci 9 Client Experience

The Opportunity

Gucci 9 is the branded name for Gucci’s European call centre in Florence. Others are in New York, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai and Singapore.

Gucci 9 represents a reinvention of the call centre driven by an understanding of how new social and technology trends are rapidly changing consumer habits and expectations. Marco Bizzarri, Gucci’s chairman and chief executive sees Gucci 9 as a channel through which it can give customers “a direct connection to the Gucci community that is a seamless, always accessible, personalised experience”.

To achieve this Gucci 9 requires client advisors with world-class communication skills. This means giving them an excellent knowledge of the brand and its values as well as a detailed understanding of the expectations and behaviours of clients.

The end-result is a working environment where advisors are motivated to build client relationships within a culture that willingly solves problems and drives sales.

The Approach

In the world of luxury fashion Gucci has an informal, ageless and sexually emancipated brand identity. It effortlessly combines the traditional with the contemporary and the analogue with the digital.

As a result, Gucci 9 requires a tone of voice that clients recognise as being part of the core brand. It involves teaching managers and advisors how the Gucci 9 client experience is both happy and relaxed but at the same time professional, world-class and revenue generating.

It’s an approach that’s calculated to turn clients into Gucci ambassadors and to generate long-lasting relationships and positive memories.

The Solution

The solution, which is multi-layered and multi-cultural, is built around:

  1. Defining the Gucci 9 tone of voice and applying it across multiple channels
  2. Designing a suite of Gucci 9 client experience training modules that cover Live Chat, Telephone and Clienteling
  3. Refining and editing written templates to support the Gucci 9 tone of voice
  4. Creating mechanisms to monitor quality and progress
  5. Mentoring and coaching advisors, team-leader and managers.

As the gap between the in-store and online experience narrows, Gucci 9 is designed to capture what Marco Bizzarri calls the “happiness moment” in shopping.

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